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Tower ladder DLA (K) 23-12

The previously used ladder needed overhauling after a technical inspection.

The company "Drehleiter-Service" happened to have a used, overhauled tower ladder DLA (K) 23-12 for sale, which could be bought at the same price as the costs for overhauling the old ladder would have been. The old ladder of the VFD Nittenau was sold.

Thus, the VFD Nittenau now has a newer tower ladder without having to exceed the budget of the city of Nittenau.

At this point we want to thank our mayor Karl Bley and the city council of Nittenau, who supported this trade-off without reservation.

100 ft. tower ladder with standard equipment, additionally:

  • basket-mounted stretcher carrier,
  • master stream device at the basket,
  • 8 KVA power generator,
  • 2x1000 W floodlights at the basket,
  • stretcher,
  • Hale Typhoon smoke ventilator at the rear of the vehicle,
  • 2 SCBAs,
  • harness for animal rescue,
  • 2 radio units for local communication.
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