Nittenau Fire Department today

Fire station today

In the year 2000 the first steps were taken to build up a First Responder system in Nittenau. Since august 2001 the VFD Nittenau thus has increased its service to protect and help the citizens of Nittenau.
The trailer P 250 was given to the VFD Bergham in 2003 and in the same year a used ladder (DLK 23-12) was bought in order to replace the old ladder.
In december 2006 a new car was ordered to replace the already 10 years old First Responder vehicle. The new car was partially financed by the town of Nittenau and partially by lots of donations to the Nittenau Fire Department. It was put in service in april 2007.
In 2008 the used DLK 23-12 was traded off against a newer tower ladder DLA (K) 23-12 at the same costs as for an inevitable overhauling.
In autumn 2009 the Nittenau fire department received its new multi purpose vehicle as replacement for the old one which had served for 21 years. In spring 2010 the TLF 16/24 TR followed as replacement for the TLF 16/25 (year of construction: 1981).
A new tower ladder was put in service in june 2017.
Shortly after that the 150th anniversary was celebrated in july 2017.