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Severe motor vehicle accident

Severe motor vehicle accident

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The fire departments of Nittenau and Bergham as well as the VFD Nittenau First Responder were called on 09/01/07 at 06:19 a m for a severe motor vehicle accident with extrication.

Due to the dispatch message "mva, several persons trapped", the VFD Nittenau responded with LF 16-12, TLF 16-25, MZF and First Responder, the VFD Bergham with RW 2, LF 8-6 and MZF. Further, several ambulance units, emergency doctor and a rescue helicopter were alarmed.

At the scene it turned out that a car that had crashed against a telephone pole and turned over. The driver, who had been alone, was thrown out of his car.
Despite resuscitation by first aiders, First Responder and ambulance personnel, he died at the scene.

The fire departments of Nittenau and Bergham cared for fire prevention, controlled the traffic and washed down the road.


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