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Bridge collaps

Bridge collaps

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On wednesday, 06/26/2002 at 10.46 a m the VFDs Nittenau and Bergham were called for a "bridge collaps at Obermainsbach, several workers buried alive".

While being concreted, the bridge over the river Regen had collapsed, at that time 13 workers were on the bridge.

It appeared that ten workers were injured, two of them seriously. It is a wonder that no one came to death. The victims were treated by VFD Nittenau First Responders and many other rescue personnel and transported to the next hospitals.

The fire departments of Nittenau and Bergham secured the site and at times had trouble keeping curios people away from the perilous scene.

All pictures by courtesy of Ralf Scheer, fire boat Düsseldorf (


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