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"24 hour shift" of the junior firefighters of the Nittenau Fire Department

"24 hour shift" of the Nittenau junior firefighters

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From 09/04/2015, 5:00 pm to 09/05/2015, 5:00 pm the Nittenau junior firefighters carried out the action "24 hour shift" with support of Nittenau firefighters.
During these 24 hours the junior firefighters performed a shift comparable to a shift in a professional fire department.

Realistic simulated incidents had to be handled, like firefighting, rescuing a cat from a tree, burning straw, ems incidents and more.

Of course there was also training and exercises, the apparatus and equipment were cleaned carefully and the firefighters cooked together.

For all of the participants this was a very eventful, spectacular, educational, funny and fine day.


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