Header image MZF

Multi purpose vehicle MZF

  • Radio call sign: Florian Nittenau 11/1
  • Chassis: VW Crafter with high roof
  • Body: Fa. Meinicke / Sturm
  • Year of construction: 2009
  • Engine power: 100 kW
  • Gross vehicle weight: 3500 kg
  • Crew: 1/7
  • Equipment: standard MZF equipment according to Bavarian guidelines, EMS backpack with oxygen, several radio units (embedded and mobile)
  • further equipment: park heating, hitch, ABS brake, ESP, traction control, rear mounted warning device, cellphone, hinged briefing desk with radio unit, 230 V AC external power supply, integrated charger

Additionally, for modular loading containers in the size of 1.200 * 800 mm with fixed wheels can be stowed in the rear of the vehicle. There are four containers for the logistical concept:

  • traffic module (oil binder, pylones, markers, lamps, brooms, expendables…)
  • flood/storm module (extractor, immersion pump, seal kit, tools…)
  • SCBA module (4 SCBA, 4 masks, 8 reserve cylinders)
  • empty container for universal equipment transport