Header image SCBA training


Currently the Nittenau Fire Department has more than 30 SCBA carriers.
Besides the standard training, every SCBA carrier has to complete several theoretical and practical exercises for SCBA incidents.
Additionally to our 12 respirators they have the following equipment:

  • SCBA jacket
  • SCBA trousers
  • protectiv gloves for indoor firefighting
  • fireproof head protection

On scene there are two identical thermal imaging cameras (Rosenbauer Argus) available.
SCBA supervision can be done with the help of a tablet from the company Firemanager.

Several SCBA carriers have additional qualification for wearing a chemical protection suit. The Nittenau Fire Department has two of those suits and a mobile decontamination area and is cooperating with the Bergham fire department in case of emergency.

Our SCBA equipment managers maintain and check the equipment every month.
They use the management software FireManager, so that immediately after the checks everythig is documented.