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History of the Nittenau Fire Department

In the year 1867, on July 7, 81 men followed a proclamation of the notabilities of Nittenau and founded the volunteer fire department of Nittenau. As the equipment was stored in different places throughout the area, the first fire-station was built in 1886. In 1889 the first flag was consecrated. This picture from the year 1902 shows the equipment of this time.

In 1913 the first steam-fire-engine was bought. After World War I a full-time fire department was instituted to prevent a breakdown of the fire service. In 1928 the first fire engine was bought. During the Second World War the fire department received a pumper (LF 8). Since 1946 strong efforts were taken to rebuild the fire department (picture).

In 1952 a carriable fire engine was bought (in the picture together with the pumper and a trailer). In 1955 a new flag was consecrated. On march 17, 1960, the first tanker-pumper (TLF 16/24) was received.

In 1964 the fire department had its first alarm for a technical aid. In 1966 the pumper LF 16-TS arrived. The town of Nittenau congratulated the fire department to its 100th anniversary with a new fire-station. The equipment of the year 1967 is documented in the picture.

The development in the last third of the 20th century was enormous. In 1972 the first SCBA's were received together with a new carriable fire-engine. In 1974 a radio system was installed. In 1975 a trailer with 250 kg fire-extinguishing powder was bought. In 1978 the ladder DL 16-4 h was bought. In 1981 the substitution of the old tanker-pumper TLF 16/24 followed. In 1988 the fire department received a multi-purpose-vehicle and equipment for hazardous materials. In the same year the work for the new fire station began. In addition, that year pagers were bought. In 1991 the new fire station was ready for use.

The 125th anniversary together with the consecration of a new flag was celebrated in 1992. With the substitution of the old pumper LF 16-TS by a new LF 16/12 in the year 1993, the procurement of a foam-water-monitor in 1997 and the apply for a substitution of the old ladder DL 16-4 h the last millennium found its end.

In the year 2000 the first steps were taken to build up a First Responder system in Nittenau. Since august 2001 the VFD Nittenau thus has increased its service to protect and help the citizens of Nittenau.
The trailer P 250 was given to the VFD Bergham in 2003 and in the same year a used ladder (DLK 23-12) was bought in order to replace the old ladder.
In december 2006 a new car was ordered to replace the already 10 years old First Responder vehicle. The new car was partially financed by the town of Nittenau and partially by lots of donations to the Nittenau Fire Department. It was put in service in april 2007.
In 2008 the used DLK 23-12 was traded off against a newer tower ladder DLA (K) 23-12 at the same costs as for an inevitable overhauling.
In autumn 2009 the Nittenau fire department received its new multi purpose vehicle as replacement for the old one which had served for 21 years. In spring 2010 the TLF 16/24 TR followed as replacement for the TLF 16/25 (year of construction: 1981).
A new tower ladder was put in service in june 2017.
Shortly after that the 150th anniversary was celebrated in july 2017.