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Annual general meeting on 03/17/2023

The Nittenau Fire Department holds its annual general meeting on 03/17/2023.

On friday, 03/17/2023, the annual general meeting of the Nittenau Fire Department for the past year 2022 was held in the parish hall. Not only the statements of the chairman and the chief were presented, but also elections of chairman, cashier and cash auditors were pending.
Andreas Weidmüller was elected as chairman again and thus started his third term of office.
After 12 years, cashier Andreas Riedl left his office and Otto Götzer was elected new cashier. The Nittenau Fire Department cordially thanks Andreas Riedl for his outstanding work in the past 12 years and wishes Otto Götzer much success in his new office.
Also the established cash auditors Johann Trautner and Thomas Moser were elected again by the members.

Many members were honored for their 25, 40 and 50 years membership in the VFD Nittenau association. Johann Auburger was nominated honorary member that evening. The Nittenau Fire Department thanks him for his long-term support.

Highlight of the day: on 03/17/2023 at 05:00 pm the new homepage was activated and presented at the meeting. The administrator, Marco Kuprat, received a special tribute. He has been maintaining the Nittenau Fire Department website since 24 years.
At this point a big thank you goes to Marco Kuprat and all contributors who made it possible to create the new website.

Group picture with old and new members of the Board
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