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Junior Firefighters Prepared for Emergency Situations

| Junior firefighters

From September 15th to 16th, 2023, the 24-hour exercise of the Nittenau Fire Department Junior Firefighters took place.

It all began on Friday after the 'shift takeover' with a large-scale inter-district exercise. The mission command for the junior firefighters of Bodenstein, Dieberg, and Nittenau was 'Fire on Agricultural Property - Multiple Injuries.' Together, they initiated a firefighting operation and provided assistance to the injured. The young firefighters received support from the Maltese Rescue Service Wald and the BRK Bereitschaft Nittenau during patient care.

In the following hours, there were more exercises, such as rescuing a successfully resuscitated individual using a turntable ladder. An activated fire alarm system was reset, oil spills were cleaned up, and injured individuals were safely rescued and cared for from a hayloft using the turntable ladder. At Regental Autolackiererei Nittenau, we treated and freed a person trapped under a lift using our lifting cushions.

As is the tradition every year, a fire scenario was included, and our juniors successfully managed to combat an open area fire once again, with enthusiasm and success.

A special highlight was the collaboration with the Westallgäu Search and Rescue Dog Team/Regional Group Oberpfalz. A scenario was assumed where multiple individuals were on the run after a traffic accident. Together with the rescue dogs, this mission was also successfully completed.

Of course, technical service and camaraderie are essential elements of a successful professional fire brigade day. We maintained and restocked the vehicles after each operation, cooked together, and spent some enjoyable hours at the firehouse.

At this point, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all supporters and helpers once again.

24-Hour Exercise of the Nittenau Junior Firefighters
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