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Nittenau Volunteer Fire Department
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Basic training at the Nittenau Fire Department

Basic training at the Nittenau Fire Department

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The VFD Nittenau carries out basic trainings for its own firefighters and some of its neighbour fire departments.
On the examination day there are a theoretical test and alarm practices. On this page you can see some photos that were taken at different basic trainings.

Basic training plan

Training subjects
T=theory, P=practice
  • lawful basis and organisational matters (T)
  • a firefighter's rights and obligations (T)
  • burning and fire extinguishing (T)
  • fire extinguishing equipment, hose, fittings, protective clothing etc. (T + P)
  • hazardous materials (T)
  • fire department vehicles (T + P)
  • rescue equipment: portable ladders, ropes etc. (T + P)
  • tools for light technical aid, heavy technical equipment (P)
  • accident prevention (T)
  • fire extinguishing (T)
  • other equipment (P)
  • fire extinguishing (practices) (P)
  • dangers at scene (T)
  • guarding sercive (T)
  • basical tactical knowledge (T)
  • technical aid (T)
  • technical aid (P)
  • practical test: practices (P)
  • restoring readiness for operation (P)
  • theoretical test (T)
  • final review (handing out certificates, wishes and suggestions, common dinner)
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