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Junior firefighters of the Nittenau Fire Department

Nittenau junior firefighters

In Germany you can enter the volunteer fire department at an age of 12. As a junior firefighter you get a basic training until you are ready for service at an age of 18.
We have had junior firefighters since 1972. From that time, about 100 youngsters got their basic training as a firefighter. Half of them were conscripted for essential service. These are about 70% of those who are now doing active service.
A big part of the leadership (e.g. chief, chairman, officers etc.) results from this youth work.

Our junior firefighters get an eventful, interesting and efficient program. In the training we teach them fundamental knowledge about things like:

  • vehicles and equipment
  • prevention off accidents
  • performance tests
  • Jugendwissenstest
  • first aid training
from an age of 16:
  • practices
  • basic training
  • radio training
  • basic paramedic training
In free time there are things like:
  • camping
  • boat trips
  • bowling
  • playing events
  • walking-tours
  • participation in fire department festivities
  • swimming

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