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Establishment of Children's Fire Brigade Completed

On July 7, 2023, the Children's Fire Brigade of the Nittenau City Fire Department was established.

The events of the past weeks have once again highlighted the importance of people being there for others in times of need, driven by conviction and without expecting anything in return.
Therefore, it was all the more delightful for us to celebrate the founding of our Children's Fire Brigade on July 7th - the same day as the founding of the Nittenau Fire Department.

With pride, the board members, commander, and leader of the Children's Fire Brigade signed the founding certificate together with 14 children, blessed with excellent weather during the ceremony. These kids are the ones who will eventually sit in the red vehicles and rush to aid their fellow citizens. But for now, their focus was on the huge, red jumping castle in the shape of a turntable ladder.
We could see the joy in their eyes as the high-visibility vests with the Children's Fire Brigade logo were presented. The logo serves as an identifying mark and a symbol of belonging to the youth fire brigade and also to the "grown-ups."

If you are between 6 and 11 years old and interested in learning more about our Team Children's Fire Brigade, take a look at our "Children's Fire Brigade" page. You can find us there now.

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