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Youth trip on April 29th, 2023

| Junior firefighters

The junior firefighters in the KBM area 2/5 are going to Munich.

On April 29th, 2023, the children and youth fire departments in the KBM area 2/5 took a trip to the BF Munich and then to the Bavaria film studios. After almost 2 hours of travel time, the 2 buses arrived in Munich with 87 youths and 35 supervisors. Two groups were formed, one of which took their bus to Fire Station 9 and the second bus went to Fire Station 5 in Ramersdorf, where one of the two Munich diving groups is also stationed.

Here, the duty group leader of Group B, Mr. Christof Wehr, welcomed us with his colleagues. We were divided into three groups. Our group was led through the service building of Station 5 by Leonard Cenek. He explained to us that they work 24-hour shifts and have 35 professional firefighters on duty at Station 5 per shift. With this strength, they can occupy a complete fire brigade and an ambulance. There are 10 professional fire stations in Munich, which means that about 400 professional firefighters are on duty every day. In addition, there are 21 volunteer fire departments in the city area. Leonard showed us the rest rooms, which have been single rooms since the Corona pandemic. After that, he led us through the canteen, the fitness room, and the gym to the vehicle hall. First, he showed us one of the two HLFs and the ELW. Then we went to a ladder DLK 30. This was a specially made vehicle that has a height of only 2.35 meters and has double-axle steering to be able to drive and turn on the narrow streets and squares of Munich.

Afterwards, we were all allowed to sit in the GRTW. This bus, converted to a large-space ambulance, is used in the event of MANV (mass casualty incidents) or evacuations. Next to the GRTW were the 2 vehicles of the Munich fire department's diving group. One of the vehicles is equipped for helicopter divers. This group consists of a current rescuer and a diver who are brought to the helicopter by this vehicle in such emergencies, which lands on the grounds of the nearby police readiness area. After leaving the vehicle hall, we went to the pressure chamber in the neighboring building.

Here, diving accidents and CO poisoning caused by inhaling smoke gases are treated. There are only 14 pressure chambers in all of Germany. To conclude, the driver of the DLK showed us that it could easily turn on the small and overcrowded courtyard of Station 5 with its double-axle steering. The visit to this station was very interesting and exciting.
Afterwards, both groups met again in the parking lot of the Bavaria film studios. Here, there were snacks and plenty to drink. At 2:15 pm, our guided tour of the 300,000 m² area with 13 film studios started in small groups.
First, we got to experience a short trailer for "The Jungle Book" in a 4D cinema. Then we went through several halls with many original film sets. Particularly impressive were the submarine scenery and models as well as the wooden command center built for the movie "Das Boot". After almost 12 hours of touring, we all drove back to Nittenau.

It was a great trip. Many thanks to the youth supervisors, chaperones, and the county youth officer.

Youth trip on April 29th, 2023
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