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Industrial fire

industrial fire

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On friday 01/20/2023 at about 08:00 pm the fire departments of Nittenau and Bergham were called to an automatic fire alarm in the Gabor-Schönek-Straße. During approach the alert level was raised to B3 (fire in building), so that the fire department of Bruck i.d. OPf. and additional officers were called.
On scene it turned out that a curing oven was completely on fire. Water supply was installed quickly in order to prevent the fire from affecting the building. Three SCBA teams were necessary for extinguishing the fire. The teams opened and removed the intermediate ceiling. After about two hours the incident was finished for the VFD Nittenau.

We would like to thank all teams on scene for the perfect teamwork!

(Text: VFD Bergham)


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