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Flood 2002

Flood 2002

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The town Nittenau and surrounding areas were afflicted by a devastating flood in the week of august 12, 2002. The record-floods of 1954 and 1993 were exceeded, several million Euro damage caused and the livelihood of several businessmen from Nittenau endangered.
On this page we provide a chronological review of the catastrophy.

07.00 p m:
Filling sandbags and sealing buildings as flood is imminent, the dimension not yet predictable.

08.00 a m:
Alarm for the fire departments Nittenau and Bergham, as there is catastrophy alarm in the upstream located Cham because of high water-levels.

09.45 a m:
It is applied for catastrophy alarm to the district community Schwandorf, local incident commander then should be county fire officer Günther Leberle.

11.56 a m:
Catastrophy alarm is attested by the district community Schwandorf. Local incident command group arrives. In the meantime all Nittenau fire departments are in action, subsequently VFDs Wackersdorf, VFD Bodenwöhrs oil spill kit, VFD Nabburg, THW Amberg-Sulzbach, THW Lauf, water-flow group Oberköblitz, water rescues Nittenau, Burglengenfeld, Nabburg, Pfreimd, Teublitz, Schwandorf, special water rescue Schwandorf, care group of Bavarian Red Cross Schwandorf, head emergency doctor Dr. Kögler and power supplier E.ON Bayern (for partian power shut-off) are demanded for.
At 12.40 p m the flood has risen to 4.68 m (usually it is 1.20 m).
At 02.15 p m the water-level shows 4.84 m, at 03.06 p m 4.94 m.

04.10 p m:
Subsequent alarm for VFDs Erzhäuser and Pingarten.

04.29 p m:
Head county fire officer Siegfried Hammerer is arriving.

05.04 p m:
Subsequent alarm for VFDs Katzdorf, Taxöldern, Steinberg, Leonberg, Altenschwand, Neuenschwand, Bodenwöhr and Teublitz.

05.30 p m:
Starting evacuation of district Am Anger, arrival of water rescues Schwarzenfeld, Saltendorf and Bodenwöhr.

06.37 p m:
Subsequent alarm for water-flow group Pfreimd.

06.47 p m:
Arrival of Bundeswehr (48 soldiers and four trucks carrying filled sandbags), Arrival of THW Neumarkt. At that time there are about 650 helpers working.

08.08 p m:
Installation of lighting in powerless districts.

08.15 p m:
Traffic accident including injured persons at Muckenbach, First Responder alarm.

08.23 p m:
In district Am Anger 4000 litres oil are threatening to be spilled, an oil barrier of 20 m length is set up.

09.08 p m:
VFD Thansteins oil barrier is demanded for.

09.28 p m:
Subsequent alarm for water rescue Amberg.

09.32 p m:
Subsequent alarm for VFDs Meßnerskreith and Münchshofen.

09.40 p m:
THW Roding arriving.

10.25 p m:
Water penetrating into Nittenau fire station.

10.28 p m:
Danger of collaps of great Regen bridge.

10.45 p m:
Subsequent alarm for VFDs Neunburg and Oberviechtach.

12.57 a m:
Peak of flood has arrived, but the level can't be read anymore because it is completely under water. It is estimated to be at about 5.60 m.
At that time the whole inner city, the districts Am Anger, Stefling, Entermainsbach and Muckenbach are flooded. 750 helpers are doing their best at about 250 scenes.

02.25 a m:
Water-level is sinking slowly, first helpers are removing.

08.59 a m:
Following VFDs are alarmed for relieving present helpers: VFD Alberndorf, Rauberweiherhaus, Penting, Fuhrn, Teublitz, Büchelkühn and Schwandorf. Further helpers removing.

10.22 a m:
Still there are about 540 helpers on the spot. Level keeps on sinking.

E.ON restores power supply for the whole town.

12.30 p m:
Subsequent alarm for VFD Steinberg.

02.00 p m:
Several oil spills in the inner city. According to a helicopter crew several oil spills on the river Regen between Walderbach and Untermainsbach are visible.

03.03 p m:
Catastrophy alarm is raised.

In the following two days there are further alarms for pumping out cellars and removing oil spills.

Sandbags that are no more required (about 10000) are collected. A convoi of 9 trucks and two accompanying vehicles of the VFDs Nittenau and Bergham is set up. After the demand from the Bavarian Fire Association it takes about 8500 sandbags to the flood area of Dessau (Sachsen-Anhalt).

The total of incidents during this whole time is about 300, also there were 23 First Responder alarms.


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